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Mimi Bud Vase

$59.00 AUD

The Mimi Print is inspired by a cobbled brickwork pattern. This piece started as a print for a family member (cousin Mimi) who wanted something blue for their guest room. 

The print reminds Erin of Sicilian Pottery and fish. The alternate name for this design was Pesce. 

Match this piece with: white objects, pale wood, colourful, patterned objects that include blue.

H: 9cm W: 7.5cm D: 5cm

  • Handmade
  • Gift-boxed

About Erin Lightfoot

ERIN LIGHTFOOT is a print designer and ceramicist based in Brisbane. For almost a decade she has been dedicated to building a ceramics studio creating small, unique porcelain ranges.

All work is made in house by Erin and a small skilled team who include her husband Tang and brother Jono. 

Believing in the value of homemade jam, hand-knitted jumpers, intricate craft and time soaked ceramics, Erin invests the huge amount of time and care that is required to create handmade ceramics.

Working with porcelain, Erin creates simple forms which are thoughtfully decorated with subtly-hued colour schemes and geometric pattern.