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Aroma Oil Warmer - Copper

$79.95 AUD

Delight your senses and transform your space with the elegant Aroma Oil Warmer from Kinto.

Featuring a design inspired by siphon coffee makers, the Aroma Oil Warmer channels Kinto's understated aesthetic to create a beautiful, functional decor piece that's soothes your senses. Simply fill the heat-resistant glass vessel with water and a few drops of your preferred essential oil, then light the tea light candle in the base to fill your room with relaxing scents.

QUANTITY: 1x oil burner
DIMENSIONS: W78 x D70 x H110 mm (set)
MATERIALS: Stainless steel stand; heat-resistant glass cup; tea light candle
SOURCE: Designed in Japan


About Kinto

Japanese designer Kinto values the balance between usability and aesthetics to help you immerse yourself in the moments that matter. More than simply a glass, or a cup, Kinto approaches each product with genuine creativity and thoughtfulness to help you slow down and see the beauty of nature in the change of seasons, or savour a delightful dish with close family and friends.