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"Erosion" Cylinder Vase

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$100.00 AUD

Inspired by windy trips to the beach and getting sandblasted at the ankles. ‘Erosion’ showcases the beauty and power of weathering. The exposed grit texture is created using a water pressure technique whilst the clay is still wet and on the wheel - eroding just enough from the surface, risking the vase turning back into mud.

Material: textured stoneware with tenmoku glaze

15 cm height, 9.5cm width

Hand made by Kura Studio in Perth, WA

About Kura

Kura Studio is a creative practice based in sunny Perth Western Australia. Co-founded by best friend duo Serena Pangestu and Anika Kalotay in 2017, Kura Studio believes that responsive design can turn day-to-day tasks into thoughtful moments.

|Kura| Derived from the Indonesian word kura-kura, meaning tortoise. A tortoise moves slowly because it doesn’t need to move fast.