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Complimentary Shipping Available for All Orders Over 79.

Petoni Bottle - Golden Yellow

$82.00 AUD

Chic and playful, the Dot Petoni Tumbler features a minimal design with raised dotted accents. A contemporary staple, this lightweight tumbler is perfect for both festive cocktails and everyday use.

The “petoni” (a term borrowed from the Venetian dialect) not only add aesthetic appeal but also help you to grip the object.

Dishwasher safe to 60C.

Size: 1L

Material: Hand made in borosilicate glass

Origin: Italy

About Zafferano

Directed by Federico de Majo, Zafferano has been creating collections of glasses and tableware since 2001.

Federico has always worked in the world of glass, designing collections that bring dreams and emotions to life. In a short time his designs have achieved international recognition for originality and creativity.

Zafferano collections are selected by Michelin star restaurants throughout Europe and the USA to style their tables.

The coloured glassware designs are an innovative interpretation of the ancient tradition of hand-worked and hand-blown glass.

Zafferano works very closely with Vin Italy and Federico’s Esperienze wine glasses are famous throughout Europe known for the distinctive ripples at the base that enhance the wine tasting experience.

One of the newer innovations for Zafferano is the dinnerware collections of Magma and Juta. Handmade and reminiscent of 70’s stoneware that is very on trend.

The Zafferano collections of mouth-blown and handmade wine glasses, coloured glasses and dinnerware come together in a ‘mise en place that bring style and colour to the table.