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Crossover with Sydney based artist 
David Bottrell, this special gift kit includes three fabulous scents from our Artist Collection.

CLARY SAGE / For Inspiration
Eucalyptus / Lavender / Citrus / Sage

The delight scents combined with lavender and eucalyptus, blended with the notes of white sage and citrus, will uplift the creative energy into your life and work.

Tuberose / Orange Flower / Tonka

Under the subtle moonlight, your quite bedroom is wrapped in a floral bouquet of tuberose and orange flower, followed by accents of toasted coconut, tonka bean, white musk. This scent is the best night companion, make you falling into a stable sweet dream.

VETIVER & FIG / For Less Stress
Vetiver / Cedarwood / Moss / Fig

A clean and rejuvenating fragrance; as clear as the water that reaches the shore & the salty marine air that mingles with sea grass. Moss and fig add a hint of sweetness, the notes of vetiver and cedarwood add freshness. This fragrance could make you relax and concentrate your mind.

2.8 oz X 3
 - Comes in a grey gift box
 - Burn time / approximately 45 hours ( 15X3 )
 - Wood wick
 - Made in Australia


David Bottrell, is a self-taught Sydney based artist who draws inspiration from Australian landscapes and explores with the use of different mediums and aerosol to produce unique and abstract pieces. The inspiration for his work is fuelled by his passion for the Australian natural landscape, and manmade structures.

David’s work often displays a combination of affluent primary colours, from deep blues to forest greens and a foray of shimmering metallic. Altogether, creating a texture and tone that contributes to the beauty of his pieces. David is able to use his instincts to produce works that captivate the eye, and embark the viewer on an intense and memorable journey. 

2017,  Aerosol ON canvas, 100 x 125cm.

BLACK BLAZE Natural Scented Candles have a wooden wick that crackles just like a wood fire always setting the right ambience and atmosphere. The wooden wick specially hand crafted and sized for our line of candles, sounds like a fireplace with logs burning. If you've never heard our candles - you're going to love them. Here are a few tips so you can get the most out of these lovely luminaries.
- BLACK BLAZE wood wick is made from natural wood.
- The wood wick is designed in a special ' ^ ' shape, looks like a little 'volcano'.
- During every burning, allow the candle to burn until the wax melts out to all the edges of the vessel. it may take from about 30 to 60 minutes.
- Always allow your BLACK BLAZE candle to cool completely before lighting it again.
- Be sure to remove any loose wick debris from the inside of your candles before you burn them.
- Keep the candle away from drafts, such as ceiling fans, air conditioners or breezes.
- Keep the wick trimmed to between 2-4mm in a 'vocano' shape would make sure there is no smoking during burn cycle.

We hope these tips will make burning your BLACK BLAZE Candles an even better experience.


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