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Complimentary Shipping Available for All Orders Over 79.

Winglet Vessel - Klein

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$170.00 AUD

This winged form is a symbol of freedom. The colour of this piece is inspired by French Artist Yves Klein and nudges us to reflect on the wisdom of the natural world.

‘At first there is nothing, then there is a profound nothingness, after that a blue profundity.’ — Yves Klein

Due to the inherent nature of handmade ceramics, variance in size, shape and finish is to be expected and embraced. The clay this piece is made from is porous and may become damp when holding water. It is suggested that this piece be used for holding dried flora or simply as a sculptural object.

This vessel is made from a speckled clay and finished in a IKB inspired glaze.

Dimensions: 10.5cm x 9cm approx.


Clae Studio is a project of artist Britt Neech. Britt designs and makes each piece in her Melbourne studio, with a focus on unique yet timeless design.

All pieces are produced in small batches and are made using the hand building techniques of coiling and slab building.

Clae Studio’s pieces explore qualities such as surface, form and texture; underpinned by an observance of materiality.