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Complimentary Shipping Available for All Orders Over 79.




As an authentic designer lifestyle brand based in Australia, BLACK BLAZE creates products to continue our passion for the great nature, art and minimalist designs. 

Celebrating individuality and creativity, BLACK BLAZE takes contemporary style and infuses it with a timeless decorative touch into our homewares and home fragrance products that convey the relaxing atmosphere, artistic vibrations and rich lifestyles that we love. 

Our designs translate our understanding of materials, colours, and textures into beautiful looks and modest tones. From our nature-inspired candles to the eye-catching brass candle holders, sculptural objects, and other delicate home accessories, every design is meant to be an incredible stylish addition to your living space and make you feel home.

“The name BLACK BLAZE is inspired by the Australian-native wildflower, the banksia.
In the warmer months, Australia experiences back-burning and bushfires. After a fire, something grows from the black blaze left behind. The banksia.

As fire engulfs the wildflower, banksia seeds shoot out into the settling ash. This ash acts as a source of food and nourishes a new banksia to grow in its wake.

You may have noticed the banksia come out in other iterations of our brand. As, when we first started BLACK BLAZE, we payed homage to our new beginning through our wooden wick candles, which are symbolic of burning banksia.”

BLACK BLAZE Founders, Joe and Ray

Australia's 1st Wooden Wick Candle

Our wooden wick candle creates a truly unique visual and audible experience with a beautiful flickering flame and a soft crackling sound that’s reminiscent of cozy nights by a fireplace.