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A collaboration with three emerging Australian ceramic artisans:

Eun Ceramics in Melbourne,VIC, Kura Studio in Perth, WA, and Authete Studio in Sydney, NSW.

Together, we aim to create unique ceramic candles that showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of these artisans.

Local Ceramic Project

Authete Studio

Authete, based in Sydney, Australia, is driven by the philosophy of authenticity and aesthetics. Hollie Kent, the creative force behind the studio, passionately champions this vision. Authete is dedicated to crafting purposeful products, celebrating wholesome living, and supporting the well-being of artisans.

Eun Ceramics

Jessica Eun Kyoung Choi is a Korean ceramicist based in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia. She reimagines traditional techniques to create unique, handcrafted pieces, focusing on abstract forms and textures, pushing the limits of clay's fluidity. Her work is a constant exploration of creativity and authenticity.

Kura Studio

A creative venture based in sunny Perth, Western Australia, Kura Studio was established in 2017 by the dynamic duo Serena Pangestu and Anika Kalotay. Their vision revolves around the concept that responsive design can transform everyday tasks into meaningful, thoughtful moments. 

Artisanal Elegance

Each ceramic candle vessel is handcrafted by Australian local ceramists, showcasing the creativity and craftsmanship of these artisans.

Celebrating Handmade

We appreciate the beauty of handmade—the elegance of imperfection, unpredictability, and the unique textures of handcrafted goods.

Hand-Poured in Sydney

All of our candles are hand-poured in Sydney. The process of crafting candles and ceramics shares numerous similarities: a material undergoes a series of transformations through high temperatures and flames to emerge as another beautiful form.

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