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Brass Products FaQs


Is Black Blaze brass product made of 100% solid brass or it's brass-plated?

All Black Blaze brass products are made of 100% solid brass. The well-designed shape and the warm metal glow which is created by the 100% solid brass make the products a shining and stylish piece in any modern home environment.

How to clean brass products for your own?

- Avoid touching the brass products too frequently using bare hands. Sweats, or even oils from hands can affect the color of brass. Dab a little bit of water on a cotton pad or a soft cloth then wipe the brass over until the dust and wax stains come off. Wipe off the water and let the brass dry completely.
- We do not recommend using water to wash the brass products. Water may leave stains on the surface of brass products, resulting in a less bright finish and tarnishing surface.
- Do not use hot water and any detergent to clean the brass products, which will damage the protective layer applied to the brass surface and meant to protect the brass from oxidation.

How to polish the brass products?

- Do not polish the brass candle holders and plates as there are protective layers applied.
-Use professional metal polishing product for polishing and maintenance of other brass products.

Other brass maintenance tips

- Please handle the solid brass products with care (as it's heavy in weight) to avoid damage to the surface of your furniture.
- Do not clean the brass product with sharp tools to avoid leaving scratches on the surface.
- keep the brass surface dry and clean.

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