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Introducing a selection of home trays designed to elevate your daily rituals. These trays combine form and function, providing a stylish and organised way to display your cherished belongings. Embrace a touch of practical elegance as you weave our home trays into the fabric of your living spaces.

Brass Tray

Wave Brass Tray

$89.00 AUD
Sold out

Hexa Brass Tray

$89.00 AUD
Sold out

Figure Tray

$95.00 AUD

Natural Stone Tray

Column Tray - Round / Wood Grain

$149.00 AUD
Sold out

Halo Tray - Black Silver

$119.00 AUD
Sold out

Mushroom Tray

$220.00 AUD

Orb Tray

$199.00 AUD

Clam Dish - White Onyx

$95.00 AUD
Sold out

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