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Pillar Candle FaQs


What are the first burn top tips ?

Similar to our scented candle, we recommend burning the pillar candle for at least 20 mins during the first burn to allow an even “ burning pool” to be formed on the surface to get avoid the “tunneling”.

Will pillar candles have candle wax drips?

As our pillar candle made from natural planted was, which has a lower melting point, it is easier to have candle wax drips when burning compared to paraffin candles. However, candle wax dripping is also related to the diameter of the candle. Our wide column candles have fewer candle wax drips and longer burning times.

How to clean up the was left on its surface?

Compared to paraffin candles and stearin candles, soy wax candles are easier to clean up. You just need to wait until the wax cool and solidified completely and then peel off the excess wax gently.

How to fix the tunneling candles?

Just gently push the hard rim of the candle inwards to the burning flame. The rising heat will melt the wax of the tunneling side.

How to have a consistent candle burn?

-We recommend placing the pillar candle on the stable and heat-resistant candle holder or candle plate to avoid messy wax drips and reduce the risk of the candle falling.
-When burn 2 or more pillar candles at the same time, ensure there is a 10cm distance between 2 candles so that each candle can have enough space to burn and reduce the risk of the candle falling.

Can I burn the candle all the way down to the bottom ?

We recommend burning the pillar candle for at least 20 mins during the first burn to allow an even “ burning pool” to be formed. For subsequent uses, we do not recommend burning the candle for more than 2 hours for a single time.
Stop burning the candle when the wax burns lower than 1cm. For safety concerns, we do not recommend burning the candle all the way down to the bottom to get the very last scent from the remaining wax as the container may become too hot and the wicks may become unstable.

How to control the size of the flame?

Trim the candle wick regularly to keep the wick length between 2mm-4mm. The longer wick may cause black soot and larger flame, resulting in a shorter life of the candle.

Will the pillar candles change color after burning ?

No, the color of candle will not change even after burning.Please note that we recommend that all Pillar Candles should be stored in cool, dry places away from direct sunlight.

Is Black Blaze's pillar candle range fragrance-free?

Yes, the Black Blaze pillar candle range is fragrance-free. No artifices or chemical additives are added for fragrances. This fragrance-free pillar candle range is designed for occasions like dining tables or banquets where smells are strictly required.

Why there is a difference in the color of products?

As the pillar candle range is all made by hands from pouring to coloring,there would be a slight difference in the color of different batches of products. And also, please be aware that due to the difference in lighting sets, cameras, and screens, the color of the actual candles may vary from the ones displayed in the photos.

Why my candles burn too fast?

-Stay away from air drifts like vents, fans, open windows, AC units. Wind can speed up the burn and lead to incomplete wax combustion, resulting soot and flickering flame.
-Check the length of the wicks. If the wicks are too long, extinguish the candle and trim the wicks to proper length of 2mm-4mm. Clean up the candle container and relight the candle after it resolidifies.

Other safety tips

- Do not leave the burning candle unattended
- Do not place the candle near curtains and other flammable materials
- Keep it away from children and animals.
- There is a lot of heat above a burning candle. Do not place candle under shelves.
- Do not move a burning candle.

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