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Open media in modal Open media in modal Halo Lava Rock Diffuser Set - Rainforest Sunlight - BLACK BLAZE - Lava Rock Diffuser - BLACK BLAZE Open media in modal Halo Lava Rock Diffuser Set - Rainforest Sunlight - BLACK BLAZE - Lava Rock Diffuser - BLACK BLAZE

Halo Lava Rock Diffuser Set - Rainforest Sunlight

$149.00 AUD
$149.00 AUD
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The Halo Lava Rock Diffuser is a new way to enjoy scents. With the modern sculptural design, it will be a highlight to any home with a dural enjoyment of visual and smell.

Orchid • Ferns • Moss • Conifer


Encouraging, fresh and dewy - after a sun-shower.

The Place

The Daintree Rainforest. As light shines through the ferns, the leaves are blanketed by the gentle breeze of warm air. The evolution from rain to sun leaves the trees tall, as they calmly sit in a bed of green moss, orchids and fallen leaves.

They feel it coming. They have for hundreds of millions of years. The wind turns into a breath, that whispers to the trees when to expect it next. You can smell it before it arrives.

The primitive and wild smell of a rainforest.

The Feeling

This light, earthy fragrance mirrors the smell of fresh rain. Ferns lean in to the green dewy, water-covered moss. Fresh, leafy greens are surrounded by dewey aromatic blossoms.

As the rain subsides and the sun peeks through the trees, the scent of wood settles and the orchids and conifer begins to bloom. After the rain, the smell of vegetation is soft and long.


Lava rock.

Marble base holder.

Diffuser oil.


e15ml / 0.50fl.oz

Safety And Usage

Step 1. Place the lava rock on the base of the marble holder.

Step 2. Dispense eight to ten drops of the diffuser oil onto the lava stone.

Step 3. Relax and enjoy the scent.

The scent will last about 1-2 weeks, please replenish oil frequently. Gently use a clean and damp cloth to wipe the marble holder and dry when finished.

Avoid contact with eyes. Handle glass pump with care. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid during pregnancy. Do not ingest. Do not apply directly to skin.

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