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Lodestars Scented Palette

$6.95 AUD
$6.95 AUD
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Pine Needle • Herbal • Clove Leaf • Cedarwood • Galbanum • Rosewood • Bergamot • Eucalyptus

This scent is a corss-over with Lodestars Anthology magazine.


The extraordinary, crisp, night sky - the unbroken skyline of the Southern Highlands. Guiding you onto the next. 

The Moment

Lodestar. The guiding force that propels you. The friend that gives you the nudge you didn’t think you needed.
It’s your guiding light. Your intuition. The connection of one star and another. The familiar markings. Astounding. Cool. Wondrous. Such skies, and such settings, are pure magic.

The Feeling

It’s a crisp and woody scent. A feeling encapsulated by pine and rosewood. Twisted with herbs. The body of clove leafcedar wood and galbanumRosewoodbergamot and eucalyptus. The infusion of stars. 

Scented palettes are designed for wax melter and also perfect for fragrancing a wardrobe or drawer. 

Hand Made in Sydney.


100% Soy Wax.


20g, 5-8 hours burning time if use with a melter.

Safety And Usage

Place in a wax melter or a drawer.

Keep away from sources of ignition.

Always protect the surface on which the palette rests.Avoid contact with fabrics.

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