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As the first light of dawn tenderly awoke Melbourne, we were already en route, heading towards the heartland of Victoria's highlands—Mount Buffalo National Park. The city's silhouette receded into the mist, and our hearts calmed as we distanced ourselves from the urban sprawl, our yearning for the embrace of nature intensifying with the morning's burgeoning hues.

Winding through verdant vineyards, we heeded the gentle call of nature. Each turn deepened our connection to the world around us. The quaint warmth of Bright opened before us like a vibrant gateway, leading us to a realm vast and uncarved by man.

Venturing deeper into the heart of Mount Buffalo, the clamor of life fell away, replaced by profound silence that enveloped us like an endless canopy. The air turned cooler, crisper, scented with pine and the earthy aroma of the forest floor. Surrounded by a world where the bark of the snow gums became natural art, and the lyrebird's song spun a pure, wild melody through the treetops.

The national park unfolded like a tome of ancient history, with granite boulders standing as natural monuments, their rugged visages telling tales of epochs past. We wandered meadows speckled with wildflowers, their vibrant hues striking against the forest's verdant and umber tapestry.

Beside the serene waters of Lake Catani, as reflective as the night sky, we pondered the vast expanse above us. The soft lapping of the water against the shore played a gentle accompaniment to the tranquility that enveloped us.

In this silent deep forest, we dreamed shallowly, the world slipping away until only the forest and I remained in deep conversation. The forest's whispers became the murmurings of dreams, with the woodland serving as a portal to reverie. Embracing the forest's embrace, the folds of the dream gently unfolded into the depths of the woods. In this quiet haven, our spirits found release. Amid the silence and stillness of the deep forest, we dreamed a shallow dream of a self in seclusion, free from the tumult, engaged in profound dialogue with the forest.

As we bade farewell to the park, the essence of our journey lingered, distilled into a sensory experience that would soon be encapsulated in "Wildwood Reverie." This fragrance was conceived not just as a scent but as an ode to the tranquil and dreamlike embrace of Mount Buffalo. It is a tribute to the moments of profound peace and introspection, to the quiet conversations with the forest, and to the dreams dreamt in the shallow embrace of the wildwood. In the end, it became a narrative of our journey, a map of the heart that guides us back to those hallowed woods and the dreams we dreamt there. It serves as a lasting memento of the time when we wandered, when we wondered, and when we found a deeper connection with the world in the silent, dream-filled woods of Mount Buffalo.

Words by Ray

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